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Kambo is the secretion of the Giant green monkey tree frog. It is collected and used by many native tribes across the Amazon. The frog itself is never harmed as they are considered teachers and carriers of sacred medicine.

Traditionally Kambo is used:

-To prepare warriors for hunting & to increase speed, focus and strength

-As a medicine for malaria, fever, infections and snake bites.

-To clear dark or negative energy, known as 'panema', allowing the recipient to overcome obstacles/challenges and life to flow more easily.

As well as releasing emotional blockages and clearing energetic fields, many researchers believe that Kambo will open up a new world of treatments for:

- Chronic Pain

- Chronic Fatigue

- Fertility issues

- Lyme disease and other autoimmune            disorders

- Addiction

- Depression and Anxiety


- Cancer

- Diabetes

- Arthritis 


- Parkinson's

- Alzheimer's 

- Vascular issues

- And many, many more

Kambo contains nine bioactive peptides that are known to have a positive effect on the human body.


a natural substance  that the body recognises, Kambo operates on a cellular level to unlock cells and clean out deposits left by foreign substances that the cell was unable to process alone. 

Several years of ongoing research by the University of Paris have shown Kambo to be super effective at killing cancer cells.

Kambo is one of the strongest natural anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, antimicrobial and anaesthetic substances found in the world. And one of the strongest, natural ways to strengthen the immune system.


Your Practitioner

Lisa-Marie is a fully trained and certified member of the International Association of Kambo Practitioners.*


Originally from the south of England in the United Kingdom, she now lives and works in Southern California where she has been working with this powerfully transformative 'Medicina da floresta' for the last few years... 

Lisa-Marie is also a Holistic Nutritionist, Human energy dynamics student, Champissage therapist and Illustrator. 

* IAKP Practitioners are not Doctors or any other kind of medical practitioner. We do not diagnose disease, treat physical or mental health     issues or prescribe medicines.

   Participants are advised to do their own research as to the potential benefits of receiving Kambo.


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