If you feel you called to work consciously with Kambo for your healing but cannot afford it, please enquire.

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Please tell me a little about yourself and why you are interested in Kambo, include any past and current health issues, surgeries and a list of medications and ALL supplements you are taking. Please read through the contraindications and do your own research about the many benefits of Kambo. 

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Kambo group Ceremony

Sundays 11am  

The BE the change energy centre

22030 Clarendon st

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Kambo small group $110 (3x300

Sundays 11am Woodland Hills


Feel whole again as you relieve your body of stuck energy, stress and more. Kambo is a deeply cleansing and sacred Amazonian frog secretion that may help you let go of emotional blockages, chronic pain and toxins whilst gaining stamina and strength, boosting immunity, and increasing mental clarity and overall wellbeing.

Please contact to RSVP and confirm a space

* A portion of your payment goes directly to The Matses Project (a charitable organization benefiting the Matses tribe of Brazil; who sustainably source Kambo for us). By supporting the indigenous people of the Amazon, we are supporting the protection of the Amazon rainforest, and the habitat of the Kambo frog and other native wildlife.​


This land is precious and unfortunately threatened by deforestation. For further information about the Matses project, please visit: www.facebook.com/www.Culturamatses.org/

Donate directly to the Matses tribe:  


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