• Rapé Copaíba:
    This snuff is indicated to make emotional energy cleanings, and rescue the contact with our personal power, works with the 3rd and 4th chackras, and moves the water element inside the body, bringing
    serenity, lightness, strength and fluidity. Snuff with medium strength.

  • Rapé Pariká:
    Snuff to talk to our guides and healers, gives a sense of presence, reconnection to the sacred, awakens the inner healer in us and opens the connection with ancestry, moving the energy of the body. Indicated for
    therapists because it promotes a cleaner contact with the energy of the other in the sensitivity of the diagnosis and in the application of the therapy. Extra strong snuff.

  • Rapé Jurema Preta:
    Moves the energies of the body and mind, opens the connection of the channels, and brings in contact with dreams and with intuition. It opens the channel for perception of the magic and charms of the animal and vegetable kingdom, cleanses the energies of the body and environment through us. Opens the heart for service and delivery. Snuff made synchronized with the frequency of the Mother Cabocla energy.

  • Rapé cacau Nunu
    Works with the connection of the energies from the subconscious, and bringing to light trauma and hurt for processing, boosts courage and personal pleasure, works with polarities integrating the
    lower and upper chakras, produces the feeling of well being. Powerful force.

Rapé Shamanic Snuff

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