Basic session: A basic session is a first time experience that begins with a test point to gauge your sensitivity to Kambo. Dependant on your reactions, points will then be applied for a full session. Usually on the upper arm, shoulder or ankle.

Further sessions can incorporate use of Chakras and meridian points for a more targeted experience.

Please contact for more information and pricing depends on location and numbers.


2x2 and 3x3

These are back to back sessions, either on consecutive days or even consecutive hours and are for clients wishing to break through large blockages or issues.

3 sessions in one lunar cycle (28 days) is recommended for optimal results


We are currently not offering public circles.

Please contact for news of other upcoming Circles and retreats.

Also available upon request worldwide for retreats and hosted sessions. 

Please contact if you would like to host a Kambo circle for your group or organisation.


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